Teaching the Alphabet with Sandpaper Letters

Friday, June 16, 2017
Do you think your 3 year old is ready to start learning the alphabet?
Why do children learn better with tactile learning?

When Dr. Montessori was asked how did you get the children to write and read she replied,
"I gave them the alphabet." Doesn't that seem so simple and straight forward.
If you are reading this you would probably agree that you want your child to read before they enter Kindergarten. Am I right? If you are, I'm going to share with you a fool proof way to be sure of that.

What you will need is the sandpaper letters.
Hello tactile learning!
Introduced usually around the age of 2 1/2 or 3 years old.

To begin you must NOT teach the child the letter names or capital letters like most schools teach first. If you want great readers you need to place a solid foundation from the start. Unlearning is very hard to do. Plus, almost everything you read is lower case, whether it be in books or signs.

Also, by not teaching letter names you are in return teaching them the letter sounds. Example b is introduced buh not bee. This will teach them to read and that is the goal right?

No letter of the week. Rather teach the child a few lowercase letters at a time. A prime example would be to introduce 4 to 5 letters at a time having mixed constant and vowels each time.
a, m, s, t, x
offering visual discrimination.

Take each letter and using your writing hand place two fingers and trace the letter from beginning to end, making the sound of the letter. Trace it again and say the sound out loud repeating several times. 

Invite your child to do the same after each letter. Once you have done that. Give a three period lesson after introducing the 4 to 5 new letters. This ensures the child is ready to move on to new letters or to continue working on this set of letters. The whole alphabet should be presented within 3 months.

 3 period lesson 
1. (Naming) This is ___________
2. (Recognizing) Show me _____
3. (Remembering) What is this ?

Having only a couple letters to learn at a time helps the child zero in and not get overwhelmed. They will start reading and building words! Yes your child will be reading words just after learning this first set of letters. m-a-t, s-a-t, a-t, t-a-x, m-a-x, you get the point. Amazing right!

There are other fun games to play with the sandpaper letters after they have step 1 of the 3 period lesson down and they need help with recognizing the letters in step 2

A simple game of hide and seek the letters. Tell them please put the "a" under the table. The "s" on the chair and so forth. Once all the letters are hidden tell the child can you please get me the "a" under the table. When the child walks to the table, the whole time they are saying it outloud or in their head "a" "a" "a". Making it a perfect extension for recognizing letters. This is great for those who love to move, kinesthetic learning!

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