How we use the Montessori Floor Bed

Tuesday, June 13, 2017
After we came home from the hospital, we spent the nights co-sleeping in our bed. 
The naps during the day were spent on the floor bed in his bedroom. 
We liked the flexibility and gave me more sleep at night.  
As much as you can with a breastfeeding newborn baby.

The Montessori floor bed. A lot of parents seem to have concerns and questions about having one. Won't my infant roll over onto the floor? Or how do I keep my child in bed and not crawl or walk? Yes your infant may roll out of bed once or twice, but it is on the floor.

To ease my mind I placed a soft blanket around the sides of the bed on the floor. By the time he was rolling over he had already understood how to control his body when he got closer to the edge of the mattress. 

We placed a fitted sheet on the IKEA crib mattress, a muslin blanket, hung the first baby mobile and a low wall mounted mirror. 
We switched the mobile to the bell on a ribbon around 2 months of age. We placed it directly above his floor bed. At around 6 months of age we were letting him sleep at night on his floor bed as well as naps during the day.

Just remember a floor bed needs to have a room that is completely child proofed. All furniture anchored to the walls, electrical outlets covered and etc. By son would fall asleep peacefully in his floor bed after crawling around and playing with his toys on his work shelf. He never was confined in a crib to sleep. Now at a year old he has healthy sleeping patterns that are not controlled by me but by his own body.

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