Homeschooling Year Round

Monday, June 5, 2017
Naps are nice. Breaks are nice. 
Taking the time to step back relax and regather yourself. To live your life at your own pace.
 No rushing. Breaks to simply be in the moment
That is why we have chosen to do year round schooling at home.

  • Freedom & Flexibility over your family life.
  • Keeping your child interested and engaged. 
  • Positive attitudes, more relaxed school atmosphere, have been attributed to year round education.
  • Educational benefits include increased retention of information that has been taught due to a more balanced schedule.
  • No summer boredom.
How do we manage to do this? In a typical school day for my 4 year old, we always start with a new lesson presented by me. In one of the following areas; practical life, sensorial, mathematics, language, science, cultural and creative subjects. She will have what we call a 3 hour work cycle. In that time she is free to choose work independently from the shelves. I will observe her working, take notes and take care her little brother. We do this 5 days a week and tend to follow the Montessori method of learning.

Our mini breaks during the week keeps all of us more peaceful and grounded. My daughter gets plenty of time to socialize and have freedom of movement. We will visit the different libraries (storytime), parks and museums in the nearby towns. Some museums even offer discounts for homeschooling families. Extracurricular activities during the week are gymnastics and ballet. She enjoys both of them very much. This spring we tried soccer for the first time. We hope to add more as she grows older.

We take our longer breaks when we to reset. Working a month straight and then taking a week off. It's quite nice. Our family is able to spend a lot more time outside. Not only in the summer months taking vacations, road trips, or family visits but whenever we desire. Whenever we travel to a new place we always end up learning something new.
The structured house is gone but we're always learning. 

Learning can be seen in any and everything. #freedomtolearnandexplore

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