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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Undoing my American Dream. (Minimalism Story)

Big house, luxury car, and a high demanding salary job that makes you a ton of money. Will that life lead you to living for your purpose? The mound of bills, mortgage payments, the credit card debt, or second job that come along with that great dream. Maybe if you work hard enough you can retire one day to finally live your life with purpose. What if you can start living for your purpose today by getting rid of all those things that are holding you back.

Buying things has always been a part of my life. As a young child I remember my bedroom being flooded with stuff. My messy room had a bookshelf of 50 books (half of them the floor), 20 pairs of shoes because why not, and at least 100 Barbie dolls to play with my sisters. I remember getting that thick Sears catalog during Christmas time and circling the pages with pen of all the items I wish Santa would bring me even though I already had way more than I needed.

Years went by but things didn’t change. I was now an American teenage girl in the 2000’s. My friends and I were mall addicts. Every Friday heading out to shop for the newest and greatest. Hello cheap costume jewelry stores! Filling bags full of items marked on sale just to get a deal. Working my minimum wage job paid for my nonsense shopping sprees. No money was saved for my future. I didn’t know the difference between the want vs. the need.

When I got married my husband and I were living the consumer lifestyle of always getting newest and greatest things. After the first year of marriage we had our baby girl and along with her came a lot of stuff. As she grew older signs of my childhood started repeating itself. Rubbermaid containers started stacking up full of items I thought I would someday use. I would ask myself questions like; How will I ever save money? Is this how I am going to live my life paycheck to paycheck? I wish I had more time in the day, why am I always cleaning? Am I happy with my life?

About 2 years ago my sister and I both read about the KonMari method. This began the snowball effect for living a simple and minimal life. I was never attracted to minimalism because I thought minimalism is to only have a certain number of this or that not knowing it’s more of owning things that give you joy. Keeping the things you actually use and need. Letting you be able to spend less money and time taking care of this things by cleaning and putting them away. Leaving you with more time doing the things you love.

After this awakening I started slowly filling up bags of things that didn’t cater to the life I wanted to live. You’re probably wondering was it hard getting rid of things? Sure, there was pain letting go of things because I realized I made unconscious purchases that I spent valuable money on. The money my husband worked so hard to earn at his job working many hours away from home. Money is not the most valuable thing because you can always get more of it. Time is the most valuable thing in life because you can’t get more of it. 

Having less makes me feel free. I still want to get rid of even more of this clutter. I finally have the time and energy to do more with my life and my mood has changed dramatically. I changed as mother, wife, and person. It’s hard to live out your life's purpose if the clutter is overflowing and things are stretching you thin. That's why I started this blog to inspire other moms like me to live out their life purpose and to make the time to do the things you love by living a minimal and meaningful life.

Let me leave you with something to think about...
Are you spending your money and time with a conscious mind? 

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