Getting things in order

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Welcome to our new blog!
Thank you for all the support and love from my
 family and friends that pushed me to create a 
creative space for us to share our life purpose with.

Today I want to chat about prepping materials for your homeschool, displaying work shelves, and avoiding the clutter/mess. The key way to get your child to work independently is to create a beautiful clean open space where the child is able to have order in his or her environment.

When looking at a bookshelf for instance, with over 50 books on it can seem daunting to a child. They might even want to sit down in front of the bookshelf and begin dumping the books off the shelf to create their own clean and orderly space. check the picture below of my daughter dumping her books everywhere!

 Rather place 5 of his or her favorite books on a low shelf that they can grab independently to read on their own. We bought our little book display in the below picture of my son's room at IKEA called FLISAT book display for just $19.99. This product has been great fit for our family and is aiding to his independence at just 9 months old.

If you can't seem to get your mind wrapped around the idea of getting rid of half your book collection, try rotating different books out every week or monthly depending on your child's age.

Old picture of my daughter at a year old
My son's room at 9 months old

 Once you have your environment all set up in your own home for your child to work you will need to be daily checking the materials. Does the paper need to be refilled,  color pencils need to be sharpened, need a new piece of chalk? These are some questions that will come up in your mind as you examine your space.  You can also let your child help you. Say you need to refill the watering can to water your plants. Have your child go to the sink with a step stool and fill it up themselves. Today I was cutting 5 1/2" squares for her metal insets. I usually only have to refill the box about four times a year so I just pre-cut all the paper at the same time with the paper cutter and a pair of scissors to trim off extra pieces and we're good to go.

Cutting paper for her metal insets work

Daily reminder for myself and all of you reading is...
Simplify so you have more time to live out your life purpose.